Get CLARITY about what your business can become

Spending time to think about and define what your business goals and objectives are allows you to move more quickly towards those goals, and to understand what effect changes in your environment will have on those goals and objectives.

Whether it is taking an idea and putting definition around it, identifying which of different options to pursue, or delving into a in-depth strategic planning, we help business owners THINK through the process to get CLARITY about where they are going and what they need to do next. Ensuring you have a good foundation and are moving forward in an appropriate sequence will minimize the speed bumps on the road to your goals.

Just Starting Out?

Our Strategic Visualization process is designed to provide a structure in which you can think and obtain CLARITY about the important aspects of your business.  It’s designed to make you think holistically about your business and not to focus on just your product or service.

We offer our Strategic Visualization process in a number of alternative ways:

  • An in-person, facilitated session to identify all the pertinent information, followed by our creation (with your input and review) of an initial business summary, and a ‘next steps’ task plan and budget (i.e. we do the heavy lifting!).
  • Coaching you through the creation of your Canvas or Summary, including review and feedback on what you’re creating.
  • A “point-of-view” review of the Canvas or Summary output that you have created using our templates.
  • Totally “do-it-yourself” using our templates.

Ready for the Next Expansion?

In many ways, when an established business comes back to the THINK stage of the cycle, it is best to approach the new ideas in the same way that a start-up would – leaving behind all the baggage of what is happening today.

While the Strategic Visualization process can be useful if the ‘new direction’ is just a set of ideas, it is more likely that an in-depth Strategic Planning process is necessary.

Our in-depth Strategic Planning process calls for collecting the pertinent information beforehand, facilitating an intensive 3 day planning session, and utilizing the output from these to create a strong Strategic Plan with key goals and strategic objectives.

Maintaining the Course

No matter whether you’re a start-up or and established business looking at the next growth spurt, it is important to periodically review where you are against your plans (are you on course), and what has changed in the environment (have the conditions changed enough to require a course correction).

For our clients, we facilitate a quarterly or 6 month review of the strategic direction.  This is often combined with reviewing and extending the tactical goals for the next 12 months.