Free Strategic Visualization (SV) Downloads

Choose one or the other approach. Are you more comfortable with a one page, visual representation? Then use the Canvas. If you prefer a more traditional multi-page document then use the Summary.

SV Canvas Template

Our Strategic Visualization Canvas Template combines elements of Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, it’s offshoot – Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas, and Guy Kawasaki’s list of important topics found in his book, Art of the Start.

It is designed to be a one-page, visual, planning framework. Print a copy that is about four times as large as the download, and use sticky notes to keep track of your thoughts and ideas in different areas.

We use the canvas in the very early stages of discussing and clarifying a business owners idea(s) for starting or expanding a business.

SV Summary Template

The Summary template is designed to help a business owner create their first complete written summary of their business idea and then to provide a framework in which to combine additional information that they collect as they move through the process of developing their idea into plans, and then executing the plans.

Our Strategic Visualization Summary Template is built from information in Guy Kawasaki’s, Art of the Start and other resources.

Why do this?

Writing things down is important, it:

  • helps you to communicate your vision and ideas with clarity,
  • helps you to identify areas where you have questions that need to be answered,
  • makes you focus on the complete business – not just your product or service idea, and
  • makes you look at the feasibility of this idea/direction.

These documents can be used with potential partners, suppliers, employees, advisors and seed-round investors.