Strategic Visualization is a process to help business owners get their ideas out of their head and to create a plan to move forward in creating or expanding their business.

The process starts with a review of any available information that describes the business’ current state and its long term destination.  This is followed up with a meeting (approx. 1½ days) at a location of the business owner’s choice and ends with the completion of an initial Strategic Visualization Summary and a Start-up Action Plan.


  • Define current state and long term objective(s)
  • Define Start-Up action steps and accountability
  • Identify Start-Up phase budget/capital requirements
  • If applicable: Define action steps and accountability for any “immediate revenue” potential

Think Plan Execute’s Deliverables:

  • Lead above actions
  • Create initial Strategic Visualization Summary and budget/capital requirements documents
  • Lead the definition of the Advisory Team make-up and/or requirements
  • Lead the definition of the Action Plan for Start-Up (next) phase

Think Plan Execute then partners with you in the execution of the tasks that need to be performed (as highlighted in the Deliverables above), in the right sequence, to move from an idea to an operating entity. Our mission is to do all that we can to move you down the path to success, overcome obstacles, and generally keep the process moving along as quickly as possible.

This service is performed for a fixed fee plus expenses.