“Business Execution” has been retired!!

In 2009 I decided to brand my fledgling management consulting business as ‘Collaborative Xceleration’ with a focus on helping small business owners with ‘Excellent Execution’.  So, when I started my blog, it was with that same focus on execution in business, hence the blog title ‘Business Execution’.

After over a year without any posts, I am retiring the blog name ‘Business Execution’ and replacing it with ‘Think Plan Execute’ to reflect my broader interest in the full life-cycle of starting and running a small business.

Stay tuned for more information from ‘Think Plan Execute’.

Pivot!! Make Your Decisions Quickly

Those of you that know me, or have been following my Business Execution blog, know that I am a big proponent of planning – both strategic and tactical.  So, how can I now be advising you to make your decisions quickly?  Doesn’t that fly-in-the-face of taking the time to think things through and plan?

Let me explain why I don’t think that it does, and why I believe that the speed of your decision making can be an accelerant to the growth of your business.  After all, I am as big a proponent of execution as I am of planning.

A New Blog

Hello, and welcome to a new blog about Business Execution.  In this blog I – John Hollier, Chief Collaborator, Collaborative Xceleration – will ramble on about my views of the importance, to entrepreneurs and small business owners, of Implementation and Execution in accelerating the attainment of their business dreams.  I will also be discussing tools, approaches and other resources. To put Implementation and Execution into perspective I may also comment on the stages of “wrapping a business around your idea” that come before Execution. Hopefully, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you will find my musings interesting and useful.