From Idea to Funding

At Collaborative Xceleration we think about the process of getting a business from idea to reality in two phases – idea to plan, and plan to reality. Excellent ExecutionSM focuses on the execution, implementation and operations necessary to move business plans off the page (‘plan to reality’). That isn’t to say that disciplined and flexible execution isn’t necessary in getting from ‘idea to plan’.

A New Blog

Hello, and welcome to a new blog about Business Execution.  In this blog I – John Hollier, Chief Collaborator, Collaborative Xceleration – will ramble on about my views of the importance, to entrepreneurs and small business owners, of Implementation and Execution in accelerating the attainment of their business dreams.  I will also be discussing tools, approaches and other resources. To put Implementation and Execution into perspective I may also comment on the stages of “wrapping a business around your idea” that come before Execution. Hopefully, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you will find my musings interesting and useful.