Gifts for Your Business?

In many cultures this time of year includes a ritual of gift-giving.

When you think about your business, what gift(s) are you giving to it to make 2012 the best year it can be for your business?  Or, don’t you think your business deserves the same love and attention that you give to your other family members?

Maybe you are starting a new business in the New Year; what gifts will you bestow on your new baby to give it the initial boost it needs as it starts out on the road to success?  And, what gifts – gold? frankincense? myrrh? – might others bring?

Whether your business is new or old there are some basic things you should be providing to it – just as you would provide adequate food and shelter to a growing child.

Beyond your good idea (and yes, you don’t need a great idea to be successful), do you have a real sense of what success in this business means, and is it feasible and realistic?  Can you clearly articulate what the business will look like in (pick a number) 5, 7 or 10 years – i.e., do you have a DESTINATION in mind?

Have you defined the broad STRATEGIES that will get you from here to that destination?  Have you thought it through enough to know that the strategies are achievable?

If you haven’t given your business these first gifts, then you are depriving it of the solid foundations it needs.

Do you have a clear set of ACTIONS/TASKS that you need to complete in the next 60, 90, 120 days to move the business forward in completing the strategies?

Are the Ps – PEOPLE and PROCESSES – aligned with the actions/tasks that must be completed to achieve the strategies to reach the desired destination?

If you haven’t given your business these later gifts, then how do you know that what you are doing everyday is getting you closer to where you want to be?

If you don’t know how to bestow these gifts on your business, maybe you need to step back and provide it – and you – the gift of knowledge.  Identify where the gaps are in the skills and knowledge of your team.  Look for education that will help improve the teams knowledge.  Look for other people to add to your team – as employees, outsourcers, advisors, mentors, consultants, etc. – to fill larger gaps.

Oh, and don’t forget – there is nothing special about this time of year as far as giving gifts to your business; businesses are year-round gift appreciators!! [superemotions file=”icon_biggrin.gif” title=”Big Grin”]

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