Why Business Execution?

In my interactions with entrepreneurs and small business owners, I meet a lot of people who have a great idea; some have a business plan; and fewer have the resources they need to turn those plans into reality.

Even with an idea, a plan and the necessary resources many business owners struggle to succeed. The pitfalls for a good business idea are many, but lack of good execution is a major cause of business failure. Which can be all the more galling if you have a good idea, with a good plan and a good team, and the right level of funding!

Many new business owners lack the broad-based business expertise necessary to run a company. That’s why they often turn to advisors and consultants. My executive consulting practice – Collaborative Xceleration – is one of those companies. Our primary service offerings are all built on the concept of partnering with our clients to turn their plans into completed tasks – i.e., Business Execution.

Good Business Execution requires constantly balancing the push and pull between time, available resources and scope of deliverables. In future posts I will discuss Business Execution from the point of view of the team, its plans, and managing them.

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