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Partnering with you to shorten the path to business success,
through the implementation of good management practices.

A full service extension to your business, from strategy to implementation and operations,
providing the expertise, skills and resources to complete your team on either a project or ongoing basis.

Whether you are a Solopreneur1, a growing Business2, or an established Company3, we can help “lighten the load” for a busy owner.

For Solopreneurs

We can help the Solopreneur who is looking to expand beyond themselves to become a growing Business.

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For Businesses

We can increase the capacity and capability of your Business … strategize, plan and implement for growth.

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For Companies

Let us help you make your Company as efficient and effective as possible.

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What people are saying about THINK PLAN EXECUTE

One of the most powerful and effective team members we have. Game Nation couldn't have come this far without you. You rock John Hollier!
What was so great about working with him is that he is always thinking how we can move forward … he isn’t the kind of consultant that stands and points out what needs to get done, he gets right in there and literally WORKS with you, digging right into what is next for the biz to move forward and grow.
Stephanie Havelka
When you are working with TPE, your business is always MOVING FORWARD at a quick pace. They know your next move towards success.

Are you a Solopreneur, a Business, or a Company?

1. A Solopreneur is a business owner who has – up to now – created a job for themselves.  They usually handle most things themselves. and have no staff.

2. A Business has some stability and a few people working towards the business goals, but the owner is still critical to the business operations.

3. If you have a Company, you’ve reached the point where you could remove yourself from the day-to-day operations, or possibly even sell the business.